What Your Team Needs to Hear RIGHT NOW

Your team looks to you as the leader—and they need to know that as the leader, you have a plan.

You’re the captain that’s steering this ship, after all, and they want to feel like you really have a handle on where things are headed. No one likes to feel like they’re stranded in the ocean. It’s scary out there.

So how can you show them they can trust you to lead them onward toward success? You’re in luck. We’ve made it easy for you. Here’s what your team needs to hear right now.

Team needs to hear

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“Stay focused”

It’s not difficult to get sidetracked or to feel unproductive during winter months—it just happens. But it’s your job as the business leader to hold everyone accountable and to remind them that their roles play an important part of the business’s overall success.

Provide clear deadlines and scopes of work for projects, and check in with your team to make sure they’re on track. This also makes you available for troubleshooting—and helps ensure that everyone knows exactly what they’re doing.

“I see you”

This “I see you” is not a Big Brother/I’m watching you kind of thing—it’s more of a “Hey, I see you there, doing good work.” It’s an acknowledgement of your team’s hard work on an individual basis—a pat on the back for their dedication and laser focus.

Focus on the positives of what they’re doing right, and take a moment to recognize their efforts. Give them a compliment or two for a job well done. Acting as their cheerleader helps keep them engaged, and shows that you’re invested in their personal accomplishments at work. Keep the positivity flowing and mental checkouts at bay.

“I have a plan”

Your team wants to know that you have a clear idea of where things are headed in the future and that you’re thinking ahead. This builds trust and helps you express your forethought and leadership abilities—and says, “Hey team, I’m the leader, and here’s my plan.”

Now, this doesn’t have to be a robust, detailed plan, but it needs to have some basic structure and strategy that your team can visualize. If you feel like you can’t wrap your head around that future strategy…get help from an external resource who can help you do that. There’s no shame in asking for help.

“Here’s your role in the plan”

The second part of the “I have a plan” talk is “Here’s your role.” Explaining where different team members fall into the plan allows each person to start thinking about what they’re working toward in the future.

It shows that not only do you have a strategy for the future—but that you’ve thought about who would be best at handling different parts of the puzzle. Bonus: It builds buy-in and reminds your team members of their strengths within the larger group. Win-win, right?

“Thank you”

It’s so easy to forget to say thank you to your team members—business gets busy, and it’s one of the first things to fall between the cracks. But a simple thank you can have a major impact on the culture of your business. Your team needs to feel appreciated.

If you want to take “thank you” a step further, you could celebrate with a party, a food day, after-work drinks—you name it. In doing this, you carve out a time in your hectic schedules to celebrate a job well done, and show your team that success comes with fun benefits. Also, who doesn’t like to celebrate?

Your Team Needs To Hear from You

The bottom line: Your team needs to hear from you—today. They need all of the messages outlined here to feel secure, motivated, and appreciated so they can keep moving full steam ahead toward positive results.

If you forget to say these things, you risk losing authority and rapport with your team. So what can you do right now? Take a minute to write down a few bullet points for the statements outlined in this post, and pull your team together to go over them.

They’ll appreciate it more than you know.

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