How to Write a Compelling Job Ad

Employee job descriptions page 1How to attract the right candidates, and repel the wrong ones

One of the most important steps in making a successful hire is attracting a rich pool of qualified candidates. While it is true that you only need one good candidate -– the odds of finding that one candidate go up if you have a sizable candidate pool.

The problem with most job postings is that, though they attract a lot of candidates, a huge number of those are not the right candidates; they aren’t qualified, they don’t have the ambition or leadership skills for the position, or they are just not the right fit. So it’s critical to write a job posting that will attract the candidates you want while repelling the candidates that you don’t want. So how do you write a job ad that attracts the candidates you want, and repels the candidates you don’t want?

What’s in this tool:

This tool walks through all the different components on how to write a job ad. Everything from whether or not you should you mention the company name in the job ad to what should include in the first paragraph and headline. Inside you’ll find two items:

  • A complete guide on how to write a job ad to attract the candidates you’re looking for
  • A complete example job description to use as reference

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