How the word ‘Friday’ changed when I became a business owner

Every time I hear the song Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend by Loverboy, I am brought back to the early 1990s, when the local radio station would play that song right at 5 p.m. I was usually driving home from my full-time job around that time and I’d blare the song and think,4

TGIF! I deserve a break!

Friday was always the BEST day. Everyone was in a good mood and excited about the weekend. There was that “It’s Friday, don’t worry about it” attitude. It was a day of long lunches and lots of chit-chat.

But since striking out on my own 14 years ago, Fridays haven’t been the same. Friday is the same as Monday to me. Saturday may as well be Wednesday.

You see, when you own your own business, you can’t turn it off. You can’t pull away from your business on a Friday and not think about it. You can try — and I’ve gotten much better at this over the years — but you’re always carrying it around, no matter what you’re doing.

Some days, it’s a burden. But most days it’s not (at least it shouldn’t be). There are lots of things that make being a business owner better than being an employee:

  • I can set my own hours. Even if I do a little work on Saturday (and I try not to), it’s usually for a good reason. Maybe I have to play catch-up because I wanted to be with my family or take a little “me” time during the week. Or maybe it’s because I got a big job in, and I need to get it going so I can finish it — and bill for it!
  • I call the shots. Sure, there are some things I can’t control but generally speaking, I’m the boss and I chart the course.
  • My business is my baby.  It may act up on occasion, but my business sure makes me proud and constantly puts a smile on my face.

So while I don’t get all pumped up on Fridays at 5 p.m. anymore, no need to feel sorry for me. Being a business owner is good every day of the week (or mostly every day!).

What are your weekends like now that you own a business? Do you feel bogged down by your business on the weekends? 

Bridget Ingebrigtsen

Bridget Ingebrigtsen owns Write On Command, a company that provides writing and editing services to businesses and not-for-profits. Bridget describes her six-year stint as Anchor Advisors' writer/editor as being "mutually beneficial" -- she helps Anchor Advisors keep their written projects on track and Anchor Advisors helps her keep her business on track. When she's not running her business, Bridget is running after her four children, two dogs and the latest in entertainment news. Connect with Bridget on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.


  1. I so resonate with you Bridget. Being self employed with a few clients doing lots of different things, weekends don’t always happen for me. But I really notice it when that happens, especially after a few weeks because I start to burn out. Time out is a must I believe. Thanks for sharing on

  2. Bridget – As Sian Phillips commented, this really resonates. Sometimes I don’t realize what day of the week it is b/c everyday is a “weekend” or “workday” my choice (really my kids choice). I’d have no other way.

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