Ask Your Budget: Amazing Questions a Small-Business Budget Can Answer

small business budget
There is no more important tool for running your small business than a budget. So many of the questions you ask yourself about your business, should I hire, what about a bigger office, should I discount to get this big project, all of those can be answered if you have a budet. But budgeting has a bad rap, especially for small business. It seems tedious, and hard to do. How do you predict the future? I don’t even know what’s going to happen next week, much less all year! And so many small business owners are reluctant to create a budget – it’s another thing to add to their to-do list and they don’t think it’s worth the time or effort.

If this is you, too – keep reading.

When I work with business owners to actually create and use their budget, I see all kinds of light bulbs go off above their head. The questions they’ve been wondering about for a while  – whether or not they can hire that third sales person, redesign their website, or upgrade their computers – they now know the answers to them. Why’s that? Because they asked their budget.

Okay, so making a budget for my small business wouldn’t hurt. But I don’t have the time. Or patience.

It’s worth the time. I promise. And if you’re so concerned about time, know that  your budget will help you make faster decisions. For example, take those “what-if” scenarios you always have brewing around in your head. “What if I lose that client?” Your budget will tell you exactly what will happen, what it will affect, so you can do something about it. “What if I scored that huge contract? Can I buy that BMW?” You guessed it – YOUR BUDGET WILL TELL YOU.

This isn’t going to be complicated. I’ll walk you through, step-by-step in creating an effective, useful budget.

How? Well I wrote this ebook – Ask Your Budget: Amazing Questions a Small Business Budget Can Answer. In it I walk you through everything, step-by-step so by the end, you have a budget you can be confident in. I guarantee it.

  • I wrote Ask Your Budget for small business owners just like you. It gets right down to the meat – what you need to do, how to do it, and how to use it. No fluff. No one likes fluff.
  • I created an 8-Step Video Tutorial that will walk you through every part of creating your budget. Starting with your QuickBooks file, through how to set things up in Excel – step by step. I did all the hard work for you – so all you have to do is just follow along. And at the end of the series, you’ll have a complete, working budget. Easy as pie.
  • I provide you with a complete Budget Template Excel Spreadsheet. It has all the components you need to create your budget – pre-formatted, pre-designed, pre-forumulated so you just plug in numbers where you need to. That’s it.
  • I walk you through every aspect of your budget. Plus, I teach you a few handy tricks in Excel you probably didn’t know about. 
  • I answer all your sticky-complex questions. If I don’t answer them in the book, you can ask me personally. 
  • I don’t just show you how to create a budget with a big excel spreadsheet – I show you how to use it. By the end of this book, you’ll be monitoring your progress every month, asking your budget questions, making adjustments, and running your business a bajillion times better. 

So there. You get a lot. I love budgets. My clients will all tell you about my obsession with them, but they’ll also tell you what wonders it did for them.

Don’t take my word for it…

“I used to view a budget as nothing but a document with endless columns and rows of numbers. It wasn’t relevant to me as a small business owner (and a creative-minded small business owner at that!) – at least, so I thought. Once I started to understand the process and purpose of a budget, I realized its real value to me in leading my business. I now have a clear picture of where we stand at all times, and I have a roadmap for the future.” – Becka Bates, BatesMeron Sweet Design

This eBook will do wonders for your small business. I mean it.

I mean it so much that if your budget doesn’t help you run your small business better, I want you to personally contact me and let me know. I stand by my small business budgets.

It can work for you too.

“I had no idea how valuable a budget would be until I started doing one for my small business. Now I feel more in control because my budget gives me a ‘big-picture’ view of the money that is coming in and going out. It guides me when I need to make important decisions.” – Jamie Damato Migdal, Animal Sense


  • The eBook: Ask Your Budget – 45 pages with step-by-step budget instructions
  • The Template: A complete pre-formatted, pre-forumlated Excel Spreadsheet with all the components for your budget.
  • The Video Guide: 8 Step-by-Step video tutorials that walk you through creating your budget.

Still not sure?

Everyone keeps track of their expenses and income different ways. So what if you keep track of mine differently than I do? In the book I talk about how service businesses might be different from manufacturing businesses, and options for how you might customize the process to your needs. That’s still okay. Though I walk through creating a small business budget with the assumption you use Quickbooks, it’s still going to help you build a budget no matter how you track your numbers. You may have to work around certain steps a little differently if you use some other tool, but the process is still the same. Keep it old school and have a handwritten expense and income statements? Doesn’t matter! You can still just type in your accounts. The book is still for you.

Are you serious about growing your business?

“Any small business owner that is serious about growing and achieving the goals they set forth needs to have a budget. If you don’t have a plan of how you are going to reach your goals, then you don’t know what needs to be done in order to reach them. A budget helps you lay out your goals, the strategies it takes to reach them and a sense of accountability to staying on path It can also give you the slap in the face that you need if you are being unrealistic.” – Taylor Cimala, Digital Third Coast


Get it now.

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