What’s new in small business hiring this week

We’re talking about small business hiring this month at EnMast. Often companies will start hiring in the months of September and October. Some folks say this practice is influenced by retail picking up during busier seasons, but much of it can be attributed to the budget calendar. By the end of the summer, companies can usually see where there is room in their budget to hire on new staff. And with much of the year behind them, small business owners feel more comfortable spending money to add talent to their team.

Whether you’re hiring or just thinking about hiring, here are some great small business hiring articles I stumbled across that are well worth the time to read!

If you’re first to present a job offer, does that ensure you’ll snag the candidate?

Barry Deutsch at Impact Hiring Solutions responds to a study that came out from Top Echelon indicating that the answer to this question is “Yes” — the company who makes a job offer first typically gets the hire. Barry argues that this is not the case. He maintains that candidates take jobs based on a hiring methodology called the “LIB curve” which is based on three candidate needs:

  • What am I going to LEARN
  • What IMPACT will I have
  • What will I BECOME

If you want to be thoughtful about the talent you attract to your business, I highly recommend you take the time and give it a read.

Read it here.

Small Business Expert Melinda Emerson: My Top 3 Business Mistakes (two of them on hiring)


The folks at Billion Success interviewed Small Biz Lady, Melinda Emerson, about her biggest mistakes running a business. Two out of three of her mistakes had to do with hiring and building her team. She regrets “not building a business that could survive with out me” and “poor hiring decisions.” I appreciated this honest article that deals with two deep issues most business owners struggle with — control and delegation. Just read it — her past experiences will surely resonate with you.

Read it here.

LinkedIn is the place to recruit candidates

John Zappe pulled some stats at Ere.net about the most effective channels for social media recruiting. I think it’s a given that LinkedIn comes out stronger than sites like Facebook and Twitter when used as a recruiting tool, but it is the stats in this article that are eye opening. They make a convincing case for investing time and effort in social media recruiting. Look at them and come to your own conclusions; at the very least you’ll get some ideas on how to use social media for your next hire.

Read it here.

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  1. Hi Devan, Thanks for sharing the interview, It was an absolute honor to interview Melinda, she’s awesome. Thanks

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