What really causes sales at your company?

Have you ever stopped to think about what causes sales in your company? Take a minute before you read on and write down a few things that come to mind. When you need more sales what can you, or your company, do more of?

what causes sales

Did you say, “Answering RFPs” or “Writing Proposals”? You need to go back further – what leads to being invited to propose? What event triggers a prospect to consider hiring your firm? When is the idea of hiring you — born?

Most business owners don’t know the answer to this question. They don’t know what they can do more of that would lead to more sales. In other words, the most important lever for growing their business is out of their hands!

This is because most small businesses are sales driven they aren’t wired to think about the process of creating demand – they are more focused on creating orders. Their focus is steadily on the bottom of the sales funnel – because that’s the shortest distance to new business.

But if we need more business focusing at the bottom of the funnel doesn’t do it. Once it’s in the funnel it’s going to close or not close. Yes, if your closing ratio is terrible you can improve that and grow your sales. But the best way to get more sales is to get more leads going in the top of the funnel!

Getting leads in the top of the funnel is the role of marketing and it requires a different kind of thinking from your efforts to close more deals. In order to get more leads in the top of your funnel you have to think like a marketer!

    1. Who’s your ideal customer? Be specific. Target one particular customer – the one you make the biggest difference for – and hone in on that prospect. Where do they hang out? What are they worried about?
    2. How do they respond? Based on what you know about that ideal customer, and what they’ve responded to in the past, what messages pique their interest? What makes them lean forward in a meeting? When are they asking, “Tell me more about that?”
    3. How can you reach them? What is are some ways that you can get that message in front of that customer on a regular basis? For many service firms writing and speaking work well. For other companies advertising or working with key referral partners can help generate more leads.
    4. Once a prospect has indicated interest how do you stay in touch with them? If they have a need for your services but now is not the right time, how do you nurture their interest until the time is right?
    5. Now how do you make sure this happens continuously? How can you make it a routine part of your company’s operations?

Thinking further back, toward the first moment that people consider hiring you puts you more in control of the business development process, and ultimately your business.

What causes sales in your business?

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