Making a personal connection

A few weeks ago I started shopping for a new laptop bag. It was about the same time that I started exploring Pinterest – so I made a board with the bags I was considering.

I was looking for a small, secure bag for my laptop, ipad and a few other things, and I settled on the Waterfield Racer-X. It came in a nice color combo, and looked just like what I wanted.

I get a nice email back from customer service mentioning that my color combination was back-ordered, offering other colors if I needed it now, or a date when they would have my color if I wanted to wait. This wasn’t your standard form letter. This was a very personal note that (appeared to be) written by a human just to me. When I responded that I’d be happy to wait, that same human responded back with a friendly thanks…

Thank You Note to a customer

The bag was shipped a week earlier than they had promised and when it arrived it had a handwritten note on the receipt.

Now, this was just an e-commerce transaction for a bag! But the addition of the human elements, the personal back-order email, the handwritten note in the box, made me feel somehow special, and that transformed this “transaction” into something I’d write a blog post about!

How can you transform a “transaction” into something more personal?


  1. Great post with appreciated reminders. Human touch is manifest when you reach out to thank someone in the form of a hand-written card. Thanks

  2. You are very welcome Alice. I think in the digital world it’s even more important for us to think about those human touches.

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