Top small business articles for business owners | September 2014

Most business owners have control issues, whether we would like to admit it or not. How many of you have to see every document before it’s sent out to a client? (That’s one sign you have some control challenges).
top small business articles septmeber

This month we really hammered on our control freak behavior. It’s hard for us to let go and trust others to do their work. But it’s really unhealthy for us — we spend all our time doing and fixing our team’s work instead of working on our own to-do list.

So here is this month’s top small business articles. Plus Brad had a post on LinkedIn that went crazy. Read it here: 10 ways for bosses to let go of control freak habits.


1. Control Freak Test: Are you a control freak?

You might be sitting here thinking “I’m not that bad” or “I’m not controlling at all.” I challenge you to take this quiz and see if you find yourself answering “yes” to any of the questions… Read on »


2. Step 1: Admitting you have a need for being in control

Admit it. You probably have some controlling tendencies as a business owner. It’s okay. Most of us do! But we set our team up for failure when we HAVE to be in control. Brad walks you through it. Read on »


3. The truth about controlling boss behavior

Do you always have to double check your team’s work? Have all the answers? Solve all the problems? Your need for control is really a trust issue. Here’s what I mean… Read on »


4. Cube vs. Corner: How do the boss’ work habits affect yours?

Bosses usually more than their employees, but have you ever thought how that might be affecting your employees? Brad and Devan talk openly about it, and Devan shares some insights to how she feels how it’s set unrealistic work expectations for her. Read on »


5. Step 2: Why business owners need to ‘let go’ more

What makes you a good boss is having the confidence in your leadership to give your team ownership of their work. And that means you need to let go more. Brad shares how you can loosen that grip of control! Read on »



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