Top small business articles for business owners | October 2014

This month at EnMast was all about looking at our business’ numbers — our financials. It’s not always the most fun topic to talk about, but it’s one of the most important ones.

You can’t trust your gut to how your small business is doing; you need to know its vitals — the numbers that tell you how your business is truly performing. Knowing what they are is the business owners’ job, not just our accountant’s!

Top small business articles for business owners | October 2014

Next month we’re going to be talking all about building our confidence so we can be better leaders. We’ve got a lot of great stuff in store, and we’re excited to share it with you all. 🙂

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1. 4 things entrepreneurs should NEVER trust their gut when doing

how to measure business performance

There are other places where we may have a strong gut feeling, but we still rely on numbers. So when it comes to knowing how to measure business performance — here’s a few questions and items you need to think about. Read on »

2. 5 BIG IT mistakes small business owners make

common IT mistakes

Being a smaller business means you usually don’t have an IT staff, or even IT person. So it’s important to keep your data safe. Make sure you’re not making one of these mistakes! Read on »

3. “My business is growing, but my bank account is shrinking!” Here’s 4 reasons why.

growing a business

If you’re trying to grow a business there’s a few things that you might have not been told that will happen during the process. The initial growth consumes a TON of cash. I walk you through HOW to get through it faster so you can scale more here. Read on »

4. How to read an income statement: What every business owner needs to know

how to read income statements

Many of us avoid looking at our company’s financial statements. We just trust our accountants to keep an eye on them and let us know if we need to take action on anything or if something is wrong. But I believe EVERY business owner should know how to read an income statement. Here’s why (hint: it can help you make more money!) Read on »

5. 4 situations when small business owners MUST look at their numbers

small business owner decisions

A lot of us think we know how our business is doing since we’re involved in the day-to-day operations. But you would be surprised how our ‘gut’ or ‘intuition’ often misleads us… Read on »

Small Business KPI Reporting Tool

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