Top small business articles | August 2014

Summer is starting to come to a close, but it’s been a sweet season for us over at EnMast! We’re loving our newest members and Member Spotlights a TON! (Curious to try it out? Sign up for a Free Trial Membership!)

Each month we pull out the top small business articles in case you missed some of them — they’re definitely worth reading.

Also, Brad is in the running for Small Business Trend’s Small Business Influencer Award. You all know Brad puts his heart and soul into his work here through the membership, the podcast, small business library and articles. Voting is opening now, so if he’s impacted you anyway, please give him a vote! 🙂

Now, here’s our top small business articles this month:

5 Free SEO Tools For Small Business Owners5 Free SEO Tools For Small Business Owners

Our good friend George Zlatin, SEO Expert Extraordinaire, shared his favorite free SEO tools that are most helpful to business owners. (And I bet you haven’t used all of ’em!)

overworkingOverworking: 4 ways business owners can avoid burnout

Business owners are often work-a-holics. We get sucked in to our work and can’t turn it off most of the time. Here’s how Brad put limits around his work so he doesn’t burn out, or let it affect my health and family.

leadership habits10 strong leadership habits all business owners should have

Usually when we hear the word ‘habit’ it’s a negative thing. But actually, there are GOOD habits that we need to adapt to be better leaders. Kaleigh shares 10 leadership habits you need to start practicing TODAY.

high performance leadershipHigh performance leadership: You can’t lead when you’re running on empty

Brad argues why business owners have it worse than pro athletes — running a business is more stressful, there’s more at stake, and more to lose. If YOU aren’t running on a full tank, it affects your clients, your employees and your family.

running a small business4 business survival tips for running a small business

Running a small business is hard. You’ve got payroll, customers not paying on time, cash flow and sales pipelines to manage, the list goes on. Feel like your business is running you down? You’re not alone. Here’s how to get it all under control.

What was your favorite small business article this month?

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