Top employee problems business owners deal with [SlideShare]

You started your business solo. You were really good at what you did, and you started seeing more and more clients. Your client base outgrew your ability to serve them, so you hired freelancers to help with the workload. Then you hired your first full-time employee. Then your second. And your third.

Before you knew it, you had a full office! Wow! Great! … right?

Now, in addition to tackling business problems, cash flow problems, sales problems, (the list goes on)… you are running into EMPLOYEE problems. Those can be the worst kind!

You’re not alone. We pulled together a list of the employee problems we hear about most frequently and we made a slideshow with some of the best resources, tips and advice out there. Enjoy!


1. My employees aren’t “engaged” at work.

It can be really frustrating to have employees that are slacking off when you’re working really hard to bring in sales and make payroll. Here are a few tips on how to motivate employees and keep them engaged.

2. My employees are always late. AND leave early. Ugh!

You’re almost always the first one at the office, and last one to leave. Your employees (or at least some of them) show up late, and you notice them leaving a little early too. That doesn’t always feel so good. Here’s a few tips on how to handle late employees.

3. My employees haven’t been showing up to work consistently.

Do you have an employee that hasn’t been showing up regularly? Someone who is “sick” more often than everyone else? Here’s what to do when you have an employee absence problem.

4. My employees are dressed inappropriately for work.

You have an employee who’s skirts are a little higher than what’s acceptable for work attire. Or you have another employee who came to the office with a mohawk and you work in a formal business setting. Is this your challenge? Here are some ideas to help you approach employees who are dressed inappropriately and guidelines on what not to wear to the office.

5. My employees are dating each other.

You noticed Jane and Bob have been taking lunch breaks together lately; they seem to come and go together; and soon Bob is almost ALWAYS in Jane’s office! They’re dating. And it’s starting to affect their work. Here’s what to do when employees start dating.

6. My employees are discussing their pay with each other.

One of your employees asks you for a raise, and when you hesitate, they mention that their coworker makes $5,000 more than them. Yikes! Here’s what to do when your employees have been discussing their pay.

7. My employee got a DUI.

You got a call from one of your delivery drivers and they can’t make it into work. They got a DUI the night before, and lost their license. Not good. Here’s what to do when an employee gets a DUI.

Do you have any other sticky employee problems you’ve faced? Tell us about it in your comments below!

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