Top 5 small business articles in January | 2014

Hope your 2014 is off to a great start with new goals, new plans, projects and resolutions. (Bonus points if you have already made progress on those!)

We’ve also had a busy start to our year. Our new podcast, Breaking Down Your Business, made it onto the New & Notable list at iTunes! We’ve launched our first infographic and had several of our posts spark crazy levels of discussion in the LinkedIn groups we are active in.

This month we focused on clarity — how getting clear on the key things you need to accomplish to be successful helps you to manage yourself, lead your team, and make more progress.

We also heard that many of you really liked the insights you gained from the Ideal Client Discovery tool. It’s still available until Monday, so if you didn’t get it earlier in the month click over and get it now!

Alright, here’s this month’s top small business articles — enjoy!

clarity1. 4 things great leaders do to get great work done

What do you do first at the beginning of a work day? Chances are you’re not  doing it right. Here’s what you SHOULD be doing first thing when you get to the office. Read on »

how to improve employee engagement2. How to deal with employee disengagement

There’s no getting ‘round it — disengaged employees suck. Here’s how to deal with it! This post went crazy on LinkedIn — we got over 120 comments in just one group from people sharing their thoughts on employee engagement! (I think we hit a nerve).) Read on »

the cost of stress on business3. The staggering cost of stress on your business [Infographic]

Chances are you’re probably stressed out about SOMETHING. (We feel you.) But it’s not just damaging your health. It’s hurting your business, too. Job stress costs US Companies $300 freaking-billion dollars a year. Say whaaat? Check out our latest info graphic. Read on »

small businesses using youtube4. 4 small businesses using YouTube creatively (and successfully)

This guy got picked up in the NY Times! Guest blogger Britt Klontz shares a few great examples of REAL small businesses using YouTube well. Check it out and get some inspiration! Read on »

how to retain employees5. How to keep the good ones

C’mon. Admit it. You probably have a favorite employee or two. They do great work, do it fast, and don’t cause you problems. Losing them would be terrible! So how do you keep them around? Guest Arlene Chandler shares a few great employee engagement tips. Read on »

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