The Top 5 hottest small business articles February 2015

We really focused on company culture this month at EnMast. Why? Because it’s the boss’s job. Building a company culture does a lot more than make you a ‘cool company’; it makes your team self-governing.

What do I mean by self-governing? Well, company culture is rooted in core values. If everyone on your team shares the same core values (those in your company culture), then they will live and work according to them, without much prodding on your part! But first, you have to discover what those core values are, and then you have to communicate them.

Interested in discovering your company’s core values? There’s still a few days left to download our free tool for February: How to Identify Your Company’s Core Values.

Speaking of February, here are the top 5 small business articles from this month. Check ’em out!

small business articles

voicemail1. Stop leaving voicemails. Voicemail is dead.

When’s the last time you thought to yourself, “I’m so excited I got a voicemail!”? … Yeah, that’s what we thought, too. Brad stirred up some controversy with this article! Read on »

work remotely2. 7 Things to keep in mind when letting employees work remotely

So you give your employees the option to work from home. Now what? Devan shares from experience how to make remote working – work – for you and your team. Read on »


interview questions to ask3. 10 Out of the box interview questions to ask

You’ve heard about the crazy questions some companies ask in interviews, just ‘for fun’. Kaleigh found a few that are kind of “out there”. And yet, answers to these questions provided really useful information about job candidates.  Read on »

company culture4. Why company culture eats strategy for breakfast

Company culture is the CEO’s job–from it’s foundations to all the ways it is expressed. This article will challenge you to not only think about, but do something about your own company culture. Read on »

organizational culture5. How to build a really awesome organizational culture

Want to know how other companies are doing it? Kaleigh found a great example of a small business doing culture right that we can all learn from. Read on »


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