Top 10 hottest small business articles of 2014

Woo-wee! 2015 is here! Though it’s great to look forward to the new year, it’s also really important to look back and see what you accomplished the previous year.

Top 10 small business articles of 2014

So our team here at EnMast looked back and found our top 10 most popular small business articles read by you — business owners. We want to find out what articles had the most impact on business owners, what topics struck a cord with you, what were your paint points, and what you wanted to know and learn about.

So here it is. Our top small business articles for 2014 — our top content of the year!
price increase notice1. Crafting a price increase notice: 6 ways to tell your clients

So you want to charge more for your services. How do you tell your existing clients? Here’s how. »


business books for business owners2. 24 business books to read for business owners

Need to add to your library or freshen up your reading list? Here’s 24 MUST-READs for every entrepreneur. Read on »


3. 4 steps to overcoming price objections and close the deal

When you hear a prospect say, “I can’t afford your rates.” You don’t have to give up — there are still several ways you can close the deal without lowering your prices. Read on »


how to be more productive4. 10 Quotes from great minds on how to be more productive at work

Not getting enough done at work? Here’s how some of your heroes make it happen. Read on »


5. 6 weird things that will make you more productive

We’ve all heard the normal ‘tips and tricks’ to improving your productivity and countless tools that will help you get more done. Well, we’ve found a few really out-of-the-box things that will help you get more done! Read on »


6. 5 BIG IT mistakes small business owners make

Being a smaller business means you usually don’t have an IT staff, or even IT person. So it’s important to keep your data safe. Make sure you’re not making one of these mistakes! Read on »


7. The staggering cost of stress on your business [Infographic]

Everyone knows that stress is not good for you. But what if I told you it’s not good for your business, too? In fact, job stress costs U.S. companies $300 BILLION from turnover, absenteeism and loss of productivity. Ouch! Read on »


8. How to increase prices without losing clients

Telling existing clients you’re charging more is nerve-racking. Here’s 6 ways to do it without fear of losing them as a client. Read on »


9. 4 things great leaders do to get work done

What do you do first at the beginning of a work day? Here’s what you SHOULD be doing first thing when you get to the office. Read on »


how to boost your confidence

10. How to boost your confidence when you feel out of your league

Most of us started our business because we were pretty good at doing something (trade, providing services, etc). It can be easy to get discouraged when we don’t know how to do everything. Here’s how to keep your confidence high despite having insecurities. Read on »

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