Don’t let your team suck as much as the Cubs and Sox this season

If you’re also from Chicago, you know that right now the Sox and Cubs are doing pretty awful this season. They’re both in last place in their division. (But then again, we’re sort of used to sucking at a lot of sports besides hockey.)

Cubs and Sox

If you go to a baseball game this summer in the city (even though they’ll most likely lose), the players will still be playing hard trying to get out of their last-place position.

And if they aren’t focused or really trying, what do we do? We yell at the manager for not keeping their players engaged and keeping it together.

Just like the baseball manager, the business owner has a role and responsibility in keeping their employees engaged, but what does that look like?

Now we hope that your team is doing better than the Cubs or Sox, but incase things are going so hot, we’ve got ya covered. Brad lays out the boss’s role in employee engagement in his featured article on Anchor Advisors, our parent company, and another great post we highlight by Wally Block called “Not Enough Engagement, Blame Your Boss.”

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Devan Perine

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