What do you when you face a sticky situation with your employees? In our "What do you do when.." series, we answer your questions and give practical solutions to your employee and business problems.

What do you do when … you’ve lost your business-owner passion?

There may be mornings when you leap out of bed raring to go to your business -- and others when you are just not feeling it. On those days

What do you do when … tragedy strikes and you've got posts in your autoscheduler?

I learned of the horrific tragedy that occurred in Connecticut last month while on Facebook. Several of my friends expressed their horror

What do you do when… two employees are dating?

You’ve noticed the flirting. It was pretty subtle at first but now it seems more obvious. Jesse and Karla have started showing up together

What do you do when … a beloved employee can’t perform?

Sam is a company man. He works hard, stays late, comes in on weekends, and he’s loyal. You can count on him for a great attitude, a smile.

What do you do when … your best employee quits?

Driving to work, you reflect on your business – and it makes you smile. “I’m working with a terrific team that delivers excellent work

What do you do when … your employees take long lunch breaks?

You get back from a meeting at 1:30 p.m. and your office is ghost town. Where did everyone go? You know your staff usually breaks for lunch

What do you do when … your employees are discussing their pay?

You see Tara and Linda talking in the break room. It’s nothing unusual – they are good employees and are taking a little break. As they walk

What do you do when … your employee gets a DUI (and needs to drive for their job)?

Soren is a terrific salesperson. When he’s in front of a customer he really knows his stuff. People like him. They trust him. Heck, you

Recap: What do you do when … ?

Things sure can get interesting when you add new people to your business. In addition to their strengths, people have their own set of

What do you when … your employee is dressed inappropriately?

Employee dress codes have definitely relaxed over the years, but what do you do when an employee's choice of dress becomes a distraction in