Sales is one of the biggest fears and challenges of small business owners. Here is our collection of our best sales tips, tools, templates, how-to guides and more for small business!

Sales Pipeline Report Template: How to build it in Excel

How do you know what sales to expect this month? Next month? Or next quarter? Your sales pipeline report! So what is a sales pipeline

The Sales Pipeline Report Template — Sales Pipeline Tracker Template

A guide to help you track and manage what's in your sales pipeline How do you know what sales to expect this month? Next month? Or next

How to sell: How business owners can sell in this day and age

Many of you might know that Tesla, a high-end luxury electric car company, has been in an ongoing battle in the news with car dealerships

How I learned how to price services and products for my business

I started an online jewelry business when I was in college to help feed a creative interest (and make some extra money.) As a

4 ways to find clients that will pay you more

We've been talking this month about raising your prices. I assert that higher prices help you to close business more quickly because you are

Crafting a price increase notice: 6 ways to tell your clients

To start, here's a little price increase notice sample. I then follow it up with 6 ways to how to tell clients you're raising your prices

Pricing Strategies: How to figure out how much to charge clients

It's so hard to pick a number when we're reworking our pricing strategies. We want to price our products or services at a number that

4 steps to overcoming price objections and close the deal

The sales appointment was going so well. We had uncovered a real need, I had demonstrated how our solution had solved that problem for other

The Ultimate Small Business Pricing Kit: How to Increase Your Prices Without Losing Clients

If you want to stop working yourself to the bone, being busy all the time and not making great money, you need this small business pricing

How to turn leads into paying clients

Looking for some proven ways to help you turn that leads list into paying clients? Jill and Brad talk about the most effective ways they've