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5 tips for negotiating anything

This is part one two on a negotiating series. Here is part two on negotiating. My client is late paying their bill, but they need a new

Cube vs. Corner: Employer and Employee views on Career Planning

CAREER PLANNING When I was new in the workforce there was a big emphasis on "Career Planning". You would have a big meeting with your boss

8 reasons why your candidate turned down your job offer

Hiring season (fall) is just around the corner, and so now is a good time to start preparing to find and bring on board all those who are

Cube vs. Corner: The dreaded Facebook friend request from the boss

So last week, my friend brought up an issue: "My boss just friended me on Facebook, and it's super weird. I don't know what to do.

Cube vs Corner: A Conversation between an employer and employee

I've been chatting with friends about my recent employee dress code post. They were all pretty surprised when I casually mentioned talking

Small business hiring: Hire for fit, not just for skills

I had enjoyed reading Brad Farris' guest post 5 Innovative Businesses Talk About Their Hiring Process on the Big Ideas Blog, enough to

Dear Boss: Stop working on vacation! Love, Your Employees

I just got back from vacation this week, and while I was gone I didn't check my work email ONCE. I totally unplugged. Brad totally respected

How to find perspective – when you spend all your time at work

Owning a business can be a hard, an all-consuming job. How many weekends have you worked the last few months? How many late nights? When you

How to hire right, and reward right (for little or no money)

In these two guest posts for Big Ideas and Doostang, Brad Farris covers a good chunk of the employee life cycle, from hiring the right

4 Reasons Why Your Staff Can’t Respect You

Many leaders are not aware of the great power and influence they have over their team. Both directly and indirectly, leaders set the tone,