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The changing roles of sales and marketing

  Many small business owners are seeing that what they've been doing to generate sales isn't as effective as it used to be. John

What content marketing will do for your small business

  John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing and Brad Farris talk about what content marketing or an inbound marketing approach will do for

How Google+ can help your business

The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City is a non-profit you should know about. They provide help and support to keep businesses growing

Marketing Calendar Template

A template for listing all of your marketing activities As the name implies, a Marketing Calendar is a calendar that lists all of your

Lessons from my shampoo bottle

I have a confession to make – I read the shampoo, conditioner and facial cleanser bottles every time I take a shower. It was only recently

5 Key Benefits of Using Social Media for Your Business

In a case study format, we brought in experts talk about fictitious small business owner, "Al" of Al's Bakery (played by Brad Farris) and

No one reads anymore? Really?

While working on a marketing project recently, I was asked to shorten the copy I wrote because “no one reads anymore.” No sooner did the

How do you prefer to be contacted?

A few days ago, I volunteered my time to provide some market research for another B2B service company. One of the questions the researcher