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Is your sales approach from the 20th century?

No lie, the Swiss Miss girl showed up at my front door the other day. She had braids, the accent, that innocent look on her face – I mean,

Tips from the experts: Getting your marketing & sales teams working together

The CMO Survey® asked top marketers to describe how their companies structure the marketing-sales relationship. 7% stated that sales reports

The ONE thing that marketing and sales cannot do without

Brad Farris' book Marketing & Sales: A Love Story illustrates how marketing and sales are interconnected. When they work together, stand

Marketing Tactics Analysis Tool: Find out Your Marketing ROI

Find out which marketing tactics are providing you the biggest ROI Marketing strategies and marketing tactics often get confused. Here is

Why sales is no longer the "big man on campus"

When I first entered the workforce (back in the eighties) sales people ruled the roost. They swaggered around the office like they were

The 4 key pillars of marketing everyone needs to know

Over the last decade or so, marketers have taken on a greater and greater role in the business development process. We once counted on them

Marketing and Sales: A Love Story eBook

Are your sales processes just not working like they used to? How about marketing? Not bringing in as many leads? Brad Farris wrote

Hey Internet, watch your manners!

Apparently the other week was "Business Etiquette Week." And after I laughed out loud about the idea of having a whole week dedicated to it,

Improve your sales process by showing instead of telling

John had been working at the piano store a couple of months. He had completed his sales training — but things weren’t adding up for him.

What to do when… No one is visiting your website

I’ve put significant time and money into our company website, but all those thousands of dollars and hours of effort haven’t made people