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Flash Reports

Flash Reports are a quick and easy way for team members to report each week on their progress and to-do lists. The Flash Report Tool will

Control Freak Test: Are you a control freak?

A lot of business owners are control freaks. That's a fact. It's understandable. This isn't just a job -- it's your business. It's your

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Perplexing Problems

Mr. McMahon was my Jr. High Algebra teacher and above his blackboard he had the phrase "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Perplexing Problems"

EnMast Business Owner Tip of the Week No. 02

One of the things we see business owners do a lot is take on work that their staff should be doing, rather than focusing only on the work

Overworking: 4 ways business owners can avoid burnout

One of the things that I believe has helped me to be successful in my business is my passion. I've never been someone who wants to do things

8-Step Guide to Strategic Scheduling

How to plan your time better and get more work done If you are trying to grow your business, you need to be strategic about how you spend

It’s only failure if you stop trying

“If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no point in being a damn fool about it.“ - W.C. Fields I was very

Stop business owner burnout with better systems

"I used to like my business, now I can't stand it. It's just  not the same anymore." I have a unique business.  I run around in my pajamas

Improve your meetings with these top 5 meeting methods

Everyone hates sitting in meetings that go on and on, or are completely irrelevant to you. So Brad and Jill tackle top meeting methods that

How I learned how to price services and products for my business

I started an online jewelry business when I was in college to help feed a creative interest (and make some extra money.) As a