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Employee Compensation: 3 mistakes small businesses make

Issues surrounding employee compensation come up frequently for the small business owner. When it’s time to start recruiting for a job

Employee Interview Guide: The Business Owner Interview Guide

How to find and hire the right person for the job When you are growing your business, hiring the right people for the right jobs

How to attract talent to your small business (and how not to)

There's nothing that makes a business more successful than top-notch talent. When a business owner has a team they can count on, the sky is

5 people to meet on your entrepreneurial journey

No business owner walks alone. We all work inside an ecosystem, a community, that supports our efforts and enables us to turn our passion

How to Set Up an Advisory Board

How to set up an advisory board for your business Owning a business can be fulfilling and gratifying, but also lonely, stressful and

Small Business Advisory Board Tool: How to set up an advisory board

Owning a business can be fulfilling and gratifying, but also lonely, stressful and frustrating. Dealing with this full range of emotions can

How to boost employee morale when sales are down

When I first purchased MyCorporation from its previous owner, I realized I had some serious work to do to boost employee morale. No one

5 Tips for Coaching Millennial Employees

Millennials are now the largest generation, with more than 95 million members. And Millennials in the workplace have become a hot topic of

Price increase letter: My first experience raising my prices

We often see business owners undervalue their services. So we often preach about raising your prices. But we get a lot of hesitancy because

4 situations when small business owners MUST look at their numbers

"Numbers get confusing. I'm never quite sure what I should be looking at. But my gut has never failed me." Most small business owners are