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Small Business Staffing Plan Tool: Who Does What?

How to get the right people doing the right tasks Do you ever wish that everyone in your company would just do what they are supposed to

Business is optimistic about hiring, but worried about employee retention [infographic]

2013 is looking pretty good-and-dandy for business. 15% more businesses plan to hire this year compared to 2012. That's good.  70% expect

'Is this your best work?'

I recently read a story about an editor who worked on a book manuscript. She finished editing it and turned it in to the publisher, who paid

Bring in the firing squad?

You’re excited about the promise of a new year and what it will hold for you and your business. But then you get back to reality and realize

No one goes it alone

" a dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant may see farther than a giant himself.” ~ Robert Burton, in The Anatomy of Melancholy

The value of a clear and compelling vision

Big hairy audacious goals, 50-100 year visions statements, mission statements, starting with why -- there are as many ways to talk about

Best books I read in 2012

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, but it's also the way I stay sharpened as a business owner. Even non-business books offer valuable

The real cost of bad bosses

Are your employees sluggish? Productivity down? Maybe the problem is your managers, or maybe... YOU. We've all had bad bosses and know how

What your employees really think about their managers — or YOU

I attended the Chicago Vistage All-City recently, where hundreds of Vistage business owners got together for an all-day conference of

The creative process: Motivating ‘real artists’ to ‘ship’

When the team who was creating the first Mac was months late in delivering it, Steve Jobs famously told them: “Real artists ship.” Those