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Continuous recruiting in a tight labor market

This is Part 4 of our Tight Labor Market Series. We've touched on employee engagement, employee retention and growing your business in a

Employee engagement in a tight labor market

This is the third installment of our Tight Labor Market series, where we're going to tackle employee engagement and making sure your

Growing your business in a tight labor market

You're hiring right now, but there’s precious little talent out there with the tight labor market. What do you do to recruit the best

Employee wellness contributes to company wellness

The chair you are sitting in right now is a health hazard. No really, it is. Sitting in your chair all day is bad for your health (no

10 ways to destroy your business

Building and growing a business is hard work! You have to build a strong team, nurture client relationships, be strategic, turn a profit ...

Strategic Planning Guide for Small Business

Build a strategic plan in five easy steps A strategic plan sounds all fancy, but it’s really an exercise in wishing … and then working on

What leadership looks like to a little swimmer

  This article is part two of a series on leadership from the viewpoint of a follower. Read the first article here: When the leader

5 Non-business books for business owners

Sometimes I get tired of business books, and there's a lot to learn from outside the world of business that is useful in life and business.

When the leader doesn’t lead – a follower’s point of view

This article is apart of a two part series on leadership from the viewpoint of a follower. Read part two here: What a great leader looks

Focus today – succeed tomorrow

Nowadays it's hard to focus in on work and get a lot done with all of life's distractions. As a result, you add more things to the to-do