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What does your team experience in your presence?

Bernie Kosar once had a great line about a quarterback’s job once the game ends. He said the postgame interview scrum is like the fifth

3 types of meetings you can’t miss

Meetings can be such a waste of time. When they drag on with reports, updates, people talking about things everyone knows ... blech! But

5 things business owners should be thankful for

I think Thanksgiving is one of the most overlooked holidays. Over the past few years, November 1st has marked the beginning of the Christmas

4 leadership styles that don’t work

If you’ve been around business long, you could probably spot a poor leader (or manager). But if you're like most business owners, your own

Top 10 picks for leadership blogs

If you want to become a better business owner, first you have to become a strong leader. But as the saying goes, "Great leaders aren't born,

Why leaders should play dumb

When you lead a team of people, they will expect you have all the answers. But you don’t always have the right answers. And that's ok. If

THE secret of a great leader

"Find smart people, give them resources and interesting problems, and get out of the way" - Bob Baker I have been fortunate in my career to

Little Biz of Horrors: Share your spooky stories

Boo! While your business may not be draped in giant spider webs with zombies walking around it, you know it can be one SCARY place. And

5 Employee engagement tips (from an employee’s perspective)

One of the biggest keys to building a strong team and getting the most out of your team is through employee engagement. Engaged employees

Series Recap: Tight Labor Market

It's a tight labor market out there. Although unemployment is high, there are few qualified candidates on the market. This isn't good news