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Avoid Burnout: Be selfish at 5AM

You’ve been working and working and you just can’t seem to get ahead. Up early and working late but you still can’t manage to get your to-do

Your business can't grow without a few growing pains along the way

"No one told me how much time and effort went into going from 2 people to 6 people, and all the systems and processes that needed to be

Job description for business owners: Lead, lead, lead!

I have a son who just turned 4 years old. Every day I get to watch him figure out something new — zippers, scissors, somersaults. He is

How to get out of your 'valleys'

When I was a teenager, my father and I liked to go backpacking. We were both adventurous, and always tended to push the limits. As we

10 ways to build a kick-ass team

This month at EnMast, we are focusing on helping you to build the kick-ass team you’ve always wanted — a team of hard-working, engaged,

'Is this your best work?'

I recently read a story about an editor who worked on a book manuscript. She finished editing it and turned it in to the publisher, who paid

How business owners/ entrepreneurs are classified

I operate a business out of my home, but I'd rather not call it a home-based business because it seems like there is a "get rich quick"

Which would you rather: Hot start up — or quiet success?

The business press often paints a very skewed picture of small-business success. We see so many articles about the “hot new start up” or

The importance of time (and money) to a business owner

Business owners tend to do everything when they are first starting out. Many times, they don't have a choice because money is tight. And

What a business owner looks like — inside and out

If I could have looked into a crystal ball when I was a child, I would have seen that I would one day start my OWN company. My own