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What’s it like for a non-writer to create content for business? [Podcast]

Writer and Content Strategist, Jason Konopinski invited Brad on his awesome podcast, Riffing on Writing this week to talk about how anyone

5 must-have leadership skills

For some reason, many business owners don't consider themselves to be leaders. This fact alone can cause their businesses to suffer (or not

Prancercise your way to success

You’ve likely heard about Joanna Rohrback and her Prancercise video (unless you’ve been sleeping in a cave for the last 48+ hrs). Rohrback’s

Writing business thank-you notes isn’t rocket science

You shouldn't do nice things just for a 'thank you' -- but it sure is nice to be thanked, isn't it? When cousin Sally mails you a note

How One-Sentence Job Descriptions can help you get back to basics

Business can become very complicated, especially as your business grows. But there's a need to maintain simplicity amid all of the chaos. At

Why you need a vacation (and should take one!)

Despite the freedom that owning a business provides (or should), many business owners don't take their much-needed time off. Not even a few

How to take more risk

"All entities move and nothing remains still.” ~Heraclitus I’m not a fan of taking wild risks. I don’t play the lottery or go to Vegas, or

How do you evaluate risk?

If you think you’re being risky, you’re doing the safest thing you can. If you’re playing it safe, you’re taking a big risk… Being very good

Takeaway from TEDx: It's ok to move off the red dot

I was at TEDxMidwest last week watching some really great speakers. You should check them out. But while I was watching the speakers I got

Understanding the B Corp movement

As you go about leading your business, do you ever think about how it fits into a bigger picture – how it affects the economy and how it