Human Resources

Human resources can be a messy area of any small business -- managing, hiring and firing employees is no easy task! Gain from our expert knowledge, tips and advice on human resources for small business from our collection of blog posts, small business tools and more!

What I wish job candidates knew about interviewing

The beginning of the year is always a busy time for hiring. As I work with a number of clients to fill openings, I’m continually amazed by

Bring in the firing squad?

You’re excited about the promise of a new year and what it will hold for you and your business. But then you get back to reality and realize

8 of my resume pet peeves

This is the time of year when many of clients are hiring and, consequently, I'm reviewing a lot of résumés. During that process, I've

Best books I read in 2012

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, but it's also the way I stay sharpened as a business owner. Even non-business books offer valuable

How personality profiles will help you hire better

Hiring is one of the most important things you do as a business owner -- yet most business owners spend more time picking out a new car than

The real cost of bad bosses

Are your employees sluggish? Productivity down? Maybe the problem is your managers, or maybe... YOU. We've all had bad bosses and know how

What do you do when … your best employee quits?

Driving to work, you reflect on your business – and it makes you smile. “I’m working with a terrific team that delivers excellent work

Series Recap: Tight Labor Market

It's a tight labor market out there. Although unemployment is high, there are few qualified candidates on the market. This isn't good news

Continuous recruiting in a tight labor market

This is Part 4 of our Tight Labor Market Series. We've touched on employee engagement, employee retention and growing your business in a

Employee engagement in a tight labor market

This is the third installment of our Tight Labor Market series, where we're going to tackle employee engagement and making sure your