Human Resources

Human resources can be a messy area of any small business -- managing, hiring and firing employees is no easy task! Gain from our expert knowledge, tips and advice on human resources for small business from our collection of blog posts, small business tools and more!

6 Most Common Small Business HR Issues to Avoid

When starting your small business, you should be aware of the impact Human Resources can have on everything your company does. HR is

7 of our best hiring resources for small business

Ugh, hiring. It's time consuming, frustrating, and a lot of work. And who knows if you hired a gem or a fool... until a few months down

What’s new in small business hiring this week

We're talking about small business hiring this month at EnMast. Often companies will start hiring in the months of September and October.

Top 10 qualities of a good employee – how many of these are on YOUR team?

Bloggers and consultants (like me) spend a lot of time talking about how important it is for your business to have really top notch talent.

How deep is your company’s team bench?

Football's back! We can get a little nuts about football at the EnMast office. One thing I've always admired about NFL teams is the way they

How to Write a Compelling Job Ad

How to attract the right candidates, and repel the wrong ones One of the most important steps in making a successful hire is attracting a

How to write a job posting that brings in AWESOME candidates

It's time to hire. No, really, about 50% of US hiring is takes place in early fall, or right after the first of the year. So I know a lot of

Cube vs. Corner: The personal phone call at work

THE PERSONAL PHONE CALL AT WORK We're talking about the personal phone call at work in this episode of Cube vs. Corner. How does the boss

8 reasons why your candidate turned down your job offer

Hiring season (fall) is just around the corner, and so now is a good time to start preparing to find and bring on board all those who are

Small business hiring: Hire for fit, not just for skills

I had enjoyed reading Brad Farris' guest post 5 Innovative Businesses Talk About Their Hiring Process on the Big Ideas Blog, enough to