Finances can be overwhelming to business owners. Here's our collection of blog posts and small business tools & templates with our best finance tips & advice to help business owners just like you!

5 fail-safe tips to improve your chances of getting a small business loan

If you’re a small business owner in need of a small business loan to grow your business, you may want to understand a few key things that

Study Shows Microloans Help Minority Business Owners Grow Their Business

Ever since the Great Recession began in 2007, more and more minority business owners are opting to start their own business. According to a

KPIs: How’s your business performance?

This month we're focusing on key performance indicators at EnMast. Check out all our free resources below! If you're trying to lose

Why RFP stands for Really Foolish Process

As Brad Farris has written before, responding to a Request For Proposal (RFP) is not only a time and money waster, but it's not the way you

RFPs: Even when you win, you lose

I had a professor in college who would auction off $20 bills — for up to $180 sometimes! It was amazing! Here’s how it went: Anyone could

What do you do when … your clients won't pay your invoices?

Having a client stiff you is one of the most difficult situations for a business owner. You have invested in salaries and expenses to do the

How to use your budget year-round

Brad loves his budgets! He even wrote a book about them! In this guest post for Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, Brad explains part

What do you do when … you can’t meet payroll?

Your checking account is overdrawn and all of your credit accounts are at their limits! Uncle Sam came knocking at the door wanting his fair

Best of 2012: Ask Your Budget

Happy Holidays! During the holiday week, we are reprising our most popular posts from 2012. Enjoy!  It was no surprise to us that Brad's

Keeping organized with payroll automation

The time and effort you put into your business’s financials is enormous, and for good reason. Finances are a hugely complex and integral