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Numbers every business owner needs to know about their business

There's a million numbers we can look at that tell us about how our business is performing. Income, account receivables, expenses, customer

Top 5 ways to make a great impression in the business world

This week on Breaking Down Your Business, Jill + Brad talk about how to make a great impression in business. From knowing when it’s time to

How business owners can achieve their dreams

We all have dreams, especially when it comes to our business. We have visions and goals of what we want our business to be ideally, or

How to turn leads into paying clients

Looking for some proven ways to help you turn that leads list into paying clients? Jill and Brad talk about the most effective ways they've

Email sucks! 5 email alternatives you should check out

We all have a love / hate relationship with email. For some of us, it's more hate than love. Jill and Brad talk about different email

5 tools that will help you with your small business

We all have some favorite tools that we use for work to get stuff done whether it's a software program, or a tech gadget. Jill + Brad share

How to get work done with the kids around

Owning a business and a household is a challenge. Brad has 5 kids, and Jill has two of her own. Working from home if the kids are home is a

Why business owners need to turn off their tech

Most of us business owners are work-a-holics. We work all the time. And technology has enabled us to do so even more than before. We now can

5 ways for business owners to build their confidence

It's easy to make it look like you have it all together on the outside. But exerting all false confidence is exhausting! Jill and Brad talk

Top 5 interview questions you should be asking when hiring

Small business owners and entrepreneurs don't have a whole lot of practice hiring and interviewing. Let's be honest -- many of us wing it,