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How business owners can clone themselves (without having an actual clone)

We all wish (at least every business owner wishes) they had a clone. You'd be able to do twice as much work, get it done the way you want

Hey business owner — you’re doing it wrong!

There's some things that we do in business that are just plain stupid -- business norms and professional courtesy's that everyone has

Thinking about quitting? You need to do these 5 things NOW

Every business goes through big highs and lows throughout their journey. And there are a LOT of times when we feel like quitting. Jill +

Top 5 productivity killers | with guests Jay Goltz and Howard Tullman

We were LIVE on Saturday at TechWeek Chicago! (Special thanks to our Sponsor, Rivet Radio!) We recorded the podcast in front of a live

How to be more productive working solo

A lot of us business owners work alone -- we work for ourselves, our team is remote, or we just work a lot alone on the weekends or after

How to get people to open your emails

First off, Jill and Brad are taking Breaking Down Your Business LIVE at TechWeek Chicago next week, June 28th at 12pm. WE WANT TO SEE YOU

A few small business tools to help you plan for the future

As business leaders, we need to have vision and be looking out for the future and what may affect our business so we can prepare our

Health tips for the busy business owner

Running a business means we often run ourselves down. We work a lot, and we don't take enough time off, or take enough breaks from work

5 most common business owner mistakes

Business owners often feel like they're making mistakes left and right, especially when they first start their business. If you can relate,

Top 5 ways you can be a better leader

I don't think any of us set out trying to be a bad leader, or 'try' to be a bad boss. To some of us, "leadership" doesn't come as naturally.