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4 steps to overcoming price objections and close the deal

The sales appointment was going so well. We had uncovered a real need, I had demonstrated how our solution had solved that problem for other

Cube vs Corner: Social media policies for employees — what’s cool, and what’s not

Social media has made some work boundaries a little blurry. We've talked about whether or not it's okay to friend your employees on

How to increase prices without losing clients

I have a conversation like this almost every week: "I'm so tired. I don't know how I can work any harder. I've been at this for 3 years and

Top small business owner articles | May 2014

In May, our focus was productivity. We challenged the business owners' attachment to meetings, and gave away a fabulous tool to help

3 ways to have more productive meetings with your team

I love my mobile devices. I take notes on my iPad, I carry my phone everywhere. As tools, they make me infinitely more effective over the

The 4 types of BAD leaders [Infographic]

We've all had our fair share of bad managers. No matter how much we enjoy our work, a bad boss can make us truly miserable. You've heard the

How to Delegate Tasks More Effectively

Define clear outcomes for your team How often do you delegate a task to an employee, but they don't complete it the way you wanted them to?

Project Brief and Delegation Tool

How to Delegate Tasks More Effectively How often do you delegate a task to an employee, but they don't complete it the way you wanted them

Does listening to music at work improve productivity? Here’s 8 compelling reasons why it does

Brad and I wrote a little while back about wearing headphones at the office.  He noticed I was wearing them more often and we had some

5 things your small business can’t survive without

Food, water, shelter--we can all agree-- are some of the things we can't live without. If you have a car in the city, you might add gas to