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Stop business owner burnout with better systems

"I used to like my business, now I can't stand it. It's just  not the same anymore." I have a unique business.  I run around in my pajamas

Quitting is for quitters: How to keep going when everything tells you to stop

In the beginning.... When I first started consulting, I closed my first 2 new business appointments. After that, I failed to close the next

How to Craft Your Company Vision

How to stay focused when things get tough When things get tough, you need to look back at the vision for your company. But why? Owning

Improve your meetings with these top 5 meeting methods

Everyone hates sitting in meetings that go on and on, or are completely irrelevant to you. So Brad and Jill tackle top meeting methods that

Small business owner’s favorite reads this month | June 2014

This month was ALL about pricing. How to raise your prices, how to do price increase notices, how much you should be charging, and the list

How I learned how to price services and products for my business

I started an online jewelry business when I was in college to help feed a creative interest (and make some extra money.) As a

4 ways to find clients that will pay you more

We've been talking this month about raising your prices. I assert that higher prices help you to close business more quickly because you are

Crafting a price increase notice: 6 ways to tell your clients

To start, here's a little price increase notice sample. I then follow it up with 6 ways to how to tell clients you're raising your prices

Pricing Strategies: How to figure out how much to charge clients

It's so hard to pick a number when we're reworking our pricing strategies. We want to price our products or services at a number that

What to do when a client tells you "no"

As a small business advisor since 2001, I've heard a lot of clients say "no". They say no because they "don't have the money". They say