Small Business Staffing Plan Tool: Who Does What?

Small_Business_Staffing_PlanHow to get the right people doing the right tasks

Do you ever wish that everyone in your company would just do what they are supposed to do?

But does everyone know what they are supposed to do? Do you even know what everyone is supposed to do?

What about those tasks that don’t seem to be anyone’s job? The ones that always end up on your desk. Who should be doing those things…

It’s time to stop for a few moments, take stock and draft your own staffing plan, also called an organizational chart. But not by starting with who we have here, instead looking at what needs to be done and what skills and abilities do we need in order to accomplish those things.

This tool will help you lay the foundation for who does what in your organization — and whether you need to add (or subtract) employees. Without it … well, your business turn into utter mayhem. (And you will likely left trying to hold it all together.) Don’t risk it. Take a few moments and spend time on this important document for your company.

What’s inside:

  • A thorough guide through how to build an organizational structure at your company
  • The 6-step process to implementing it

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  1. I am looking for this to restructure our offices.

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