Small Business Key Performance Indicator Template

small business kpi reportingAs business owner, it’s hard to maintain our focus on the most important issues in our business. It’s hard to set priorities. We need sales to increase, but we’ve got delivery issues, too. What about that low-performing team member, when to you get to them? Though in the midst of all the craziness, we need to find a way to take the pulse of our business. A healthy business, just like a healthy body, has a number of indicators that we need to check from time-to-time, like our blood pressure. In our business, there are certain numbers we need to checking daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  If we look at our key performance indicators as a “rhythm,” — something that happens automatically  like breathing — it can help keep us grounded and focused on the most important issues in our business (despite all the “other stuff” that comes at us). The Small Business KPI Reporting Tool is just a list of items — key performance indicators — placed in order of the frequency we should be checking them. We have found this to extremely helpful in getting business owners to recognize the value of reporting, and more, the value of organizing reporting in a specific way. Download the tool for FREE when you become a free trial member! Or get the whole sha-bang — our entire library of tools — when you become a Pro Member. (If you are one, login and an orange download button will appear below to download the tool)

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small business kpi reportingHow you measure how your business is doing? This small business KPI reporting tool will help you figure out what numbers you need to check on a regular basis. Get the tool for free when you sign up for a Free Trial Membership to EnMast!

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