Ultimate Small Business KPI Tool

Small Business KPI TemplateHow to track how your business is really performing

As business owner, it’s hard to maintain our focus on the most important issues in our business. Though in the midst of all the craziness, we need to find a way to take the pulse of our business.

A healthy business, just like a healthy body, has a number of indicators that we need to check from time-to-time, like our blood pressure. In our business, there are certain numbers we need to checking daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

If you don’t have a way to measure performance, then it is impossible to tell if you are making any progress against your business objectives. This tool enables business owners to identify the various criteria (KPIs) for operational success, determine how frequently the KPIs will be measured and communicate the KPIs to the necessary stakeholders.

This complete KPI Tool for small business owners is a MUST-have!

What’s inside:

    • A Small Business KPI Template. The template comes with instructions an a sample KPI Excel Template for tracking your company’s KPIs.
    • A Small Business KPI Reporting List. This list is a base document with basic KPIs you should be checking, and the frequency you should be checking them. You can add and build to it to cater it to your business’ needs.

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