About EnMast | A Small Business Owner Community

EnMast is an online business-owner community that provides resources, tools, advice and motivation to small-business owners. Founded by Brad Farris, EnMast is an online extension of  Anchor Advisors, Ltd., Brad’s Chicago business consulting firm, which empowers business owners to take control of and grow their businesses. Since 2001, Brad and his advisors have worked alongside hundreds of business owners, helping them to build the business of their dreams.

Being a business owner himself and working with business owners for a living, Brad noticed two things; there is no way to know everything you need to know to run a business, and it can be very lonely. From the outside, it looks like business owners have it all! But while business ownership is indeed a wondrous thing, it can also be challenging, depressing and lonely.

That’s why Brad created EnMast — to provide a venue for small-business owners to huddle, learn how to become better business owners and become happier, healthier people overall.

So why the name “EnMast?”

The mast of the ship is the connecting point. The sails are attached to the mast to drive the ship; in stormy seas sailors lash themselves to the mast to keep them from falling overboard. En Masse is all together, as a group. So we put them together to create a place where we can come together, as a group and get connected.

EnMast is a service of Anchor Advisors, Ltd.

What’s with the ship logo?

Well, with Anchor Advisors as our parent company, we felt it was important to stick with the nautical theme. And, we thought a ship was a great representation of where people meet and hang out … and go places! All aboard!

Who’s steering this thing?

Brad Farris steers the ship, but he can’t do it alone. Bridget and Devan are the ship hands, tending to the everyday details of maintaining a popular website, blog and social media presence. It’s truly a team effort around here at EnMast! Learn more about the crew here.

Here’s what members are saying:

EnMast’s tools are invaluable in helping anyone — not just me — grow their business and their profits. Small business owners would be hard-pressed to find EnMast’s community, tips and tricks anything but helpful. Brad Farris is one of the brilliant minds in business today and I trust his guidance. You should too.

– Jill Salzman, Founder of Founding Moms

So come, join us! We need more good business leaders, like yourself, to make our community a success.

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