Most popular small business articles: March & April 2015


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It’s been a while since we sent one of these out! We spent two months on the topic of sales instead of just one, so it’s time to re-cap the top five. And…we worked real hard on a course we just launched. It will help you get more prospects in your pipeline in just 30 days; it’s The New Prospect Challenge. (So far, feedback has been fantastic. I’m excited for you to try it out! Keep reading; you’ll find a way to sign up at the end of this email.)

There are some exciting things coming down the pike! We’ll be launching more courses for business owners like you that will focus on specific areas of your business; and, for our Pro Members, we’re adding a ton of new features and content which we CANNOT wait to launch! So pay attention. You won’t want to miss any of it!

Without further ado, here are the most popular articles from our 2-month focus on sales!

responding to linkedin requests1. How to respond to random LinkedIn requests

Do you get a bunch of LinkedIn Connection requests from people you don’t know? (You’re not alone). Brad shares a unique way to deal with these requests and use them to your advantage. Read on »

cold leads into hot sales2. How to warm up cold leads and turn them in to hot sales

When you meet a prospect or lead (online or in-person), following up is SO important. You have to strike while the iron’s hot! Leads can get cold so fast! Brad shares SEVEN ways to do that, without being a pest. Read on »

sales pipeline3. 5 reasons why your small business needs a strong sales pipeline

If there is one thing you can do to make your job easier as a business owner, it’s strengthen your sales pipeline. How are you going to do that??? Brad explains here! »

best mistake4. The best mistake I’ve ever made

Have you ever said “Sure! I’ll do it!” when didn’t know what you were getting into? Well, Brad’s done that too. Once upon a time, back when he was a young engineer, he took on the business operations of a company 1000 miles away. You’ll love this story. Read on »

how to fill sales pipeline5. 5 ways your website can help you fill your sales pipeline

Finding more qualified prospects to fill the top of your sales pipeline is the best way to accelerate the growth of your company. Here’s several ways you can get your WEBSITE to do all that work for you! With real examples! Read on »

How to Close More Sales in 30 days

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