Series Recap: Tight Labor Market

It’s a tight labor market out there. Although unemployment is high, there are few qualified candidates on the market. This isn’t good news for business owners looking to grow their businesses.

In case you missed it, here’s our roundup of Brad’s series on Surviving the Tight Labor Market.  

Growing your business in a tight labor market

You’re hiring right now, but there’s precious little talent out there with the tight labor market. What do you do to recruit the best possible candidate?

Employee retention in a tight labor market

Employee retention is a concern among business owners in a tight labor market. There are fewer and fewer applicants for each opening and you risk losing your best people. Here’s how to keep your best people.

Employee engagement in a tight labor market

Employee engagement means making sure your employees are happy and therefore productive. This is always important, but especially when there are slim pickins’ out there in terms of labor.

Continuous recruiting in a tight labor market
Especially in today’s hiring market, you want to make sure you’re seeing the best candidates on the market all the time.

Using freelancers in a tight labor market

Freelancers can be of great value to your business, but some owners are reluctant to even give them a try. Brad explains why you should give them a chance.


Are you seeing a tight labor market? What are you doing in response to it? 


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