Why SEO is like a woman

I was complaining the other day about how SEO is so fickle and changes on a day-to-day basis. And then some smart-aleck man who shall remain nameless chimed in with: “Sounds like a woman.”

As I thought about it, I realized he was right. SEO is like a woman! Here’s why:

  • SEO has reproductive capabilities. It can make your site traffic multiply in no time – and a bonus is that you don’t have to feed it in the middle of the night.
  • SEO is nurturing. With SEO, your site will grow strong and stay healthy, which will positively impact your business. It forces you to “eat your broccoli” – and blog and post on a regular basis.
  • SEO is sexy. People can’t help but be attracted to your luscious links.
  • SEO is complicated. One day SEO embraces you and the next day, it shuts the door in your face, like when Google changes its algorithm. But you know from experience, it will probably blow over in a few days (and maybe start up again in a month!).
  • SEO has great curves. Once you implement SEO, your analytics curve will be on the upward trend.
  • SEO is sensitive. Choose your keywords carefully! Just sayin’. SEO will turn on you if you don’t. And when you do, you’re in.
  • SEO tells it to you straight. You may get people to come to your site, but will they buy? SEO will reveal whether your site is all that or not.
  • SEO organizes everyone. SEO may be hard to live with on occasion, but without it, you wouldn’t be able to find a darn thing on the Internet.

Yes, SEO sure can bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan. Can you imagine if SEO were like a man? You’d have one hungry website (and business).

Can you think of any other ways that SEO is like a woman – or a man?


Bridget Ingebrigtsen

Bridget Ingebrigtsen owns Write On Command, a company that provides writing and editing services to businesses and not-for-profits. Bridget describes her six-year stint as Anchor Advisors' writer/editor as being "mutually beneficial" -- she helps Anchor Advisors keep their written projects on track and Anchor Advisors helps her keep her business on track. When she's not running her business, Bridget is running after her four children, two dogs and the latest in entertainment news. Connect with Bridget on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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