Sales Pipeline Report Template: How to build it in Excel

How do you know what sales to expect this month? Next month? Or next quarter? Your sales pipeline report!

So what is a sales pipeline report? It’s a channel of information that shares critical information about ongoing sales activities that are in the process of being developed, provided, or completed.

For example: If you have 3 sales people (plus yourself) who are working incoming leads, generating your own leads and closing deals. You might be wondering why one sales person has a higher closing rate than another. What is she doing that the other two aren’t? By reviewing the open opportunities with each person and observing the actions they are taking you might be able to better understand what she’s doing differently.

Another business owner uses the sales pipeline report template, in conjunction with his project management reports to decide when to hire more team members. The pipeline report is able to predict future sales and let the business owner know it’s time to start interviewing.

Lastly, it’s possible to track the time that different leads take to close, or the average deal size that different lead sources produce. By tracking these things we can see which types of leads, or what lead generation activities produce the “best” leads.

Here’s 5 reasons why you need one:

  • It will help you predict future sales
  • It will help you plan for bigger expenses, including new employees, or new technology
  • You can track the time it takes for leads to close
  • It measures the average deal size
  • It tells you what lead generation activities produce the best leads

Need some help getting started? Download this sales pipeline template!

This sales pipeline report template will help you track what’s in your pipeline so that you can manage your leads and prospects. It also includes a how-to guide on managing your prospects and leads, and a pre-formatted & formulated sales pipeline excel template.

Regularly reviewing this report with your sales team enables you to better focus their efforts, predict future levels of business and better target your marketing efforts.

What’s in this tool:

  • Arrow - Orangeexcel iconpdf iconHow-to-Guide to managing your prospects and leads
  • Pre-formatted and forumulated sales pipeline Excel template


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  1. Good tool. A sales pipeline can actually be wasted without a method to track and interpret sales data.

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