Sales Pain Questionnaire: Questions to help land new clients

Sales-Pain-Questionnaire-thumbnail-231x300Questions to ask prospects so you can close sales

When you meet with a prospect, it’s important to find out what their “pains” are so you can fix those pains for them. But more important than you knowing what their pains are, it’s important that they recognize their pains because otherwise they won’t feel compelled to hire you.

This tool provides you with the key questions you need to ask prospects during an initial discover meeting. They’ll help you uncover the underlying problems they’re having at their organization, and most importantly, help the prospect to see how much their problem is costing them. This allows you to really understand their problem and give you the ability to demonstrate your expertise so they’re more likely to buy.

What’s inside:

  • The Sales Pain Questionnaire includes key questions you must ask in a prospect meeting to help you identify their problem and offer your expertise and close deals

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  1. Saranya Ramachandran says:

    Such an amazing tool!

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