Sales Management Framework Tool

There is a point at which most businesses need to hire a sales person. If things go well, maybe you’ll have to hire several sales professionals. But it won’t be long before you discover that managing sales people is a whole different ballgame than managing other employees. Running a sales department can be a daunting proposition and a frustrating experience.

In fact, sales management has been compared to herding cats. Sales people are highly independent, success-motivated people who hate meetings and paperwork. They tend to be highly relational and don’t always care to operate within the structure a company has implemented. This framework provides a very basic discussion of how to manage a sales team and make them more successful by utilizing processes and accountability.

This same framework has been used by companies from 2 sales people to 10 sales people in a wide range of industries. It provides you with tools and structure to get your ducks in a row and all your cats going in the same direction.

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Managing a sales team can be very difficult. This Sales Management Framework Tool provides a basic discussion on how to manage a sales team. Buy the EnMast Sales Management Framework Tool Now! Cost $9.99

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