How to Budget and Manage Project Costs

Learn how to better calculate project costs

If your company writes proposals, you’ve probably struggled with pulling together the right numbers before you can give a reliable quote. Maybe you’ve been quoting jobs at a specific profit margin, but your company P&L shows much less profit than your per job percentage. What are you missing in your quoting?

Maybe you’ve been winning a lot of contracts, and doing a lot of work, but aren’t making any money. How’s that possible? What are you missing?

When writing a quote, you need to think about how long the project will take, what it will cost your company to do the job, and how much you want to make. Whether you are painting a house, designing an annual report, or providing temp workers, your quotes need to include each of these elements if you are going to stay in business.

With our Excel template you can calculate your total cost of labor (you might be surprised…), your total overhead cost (the cost of keeping the lights on, doors open and phones ringing), and ensure that you are earning the profit you need. Using this project costing template, you’ll be able to more accurately calculate project costs better going forward and take the guesswork out of quoting your next project.

What’s inside:

  • An explanatory PDF on how to manage project costs better
  • An Excel spreadsheet / project costing template to help you accurately account for all project costs

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  1. It must b a great tool if it can help me cost and quote small factory plant protects while making better profit and satisfying company management, in terms of time and cost of all deliverables



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