How to Delegate Tasks More Effectively

Project Brief and Delegation ToolDefine clear outcomes for your team

How often do you delegate a task to an employee, but they don’t complete it the way you wanted them to? Then get frustrated because they did it wrong and end up doing it yourself? (Sound familiar?)

When we are defining a project that someone else is going to complete, something is always lost in translation. The picture in our head is rich and full of detail, but the description we give to our team member is often not! So they’re left trying to figure what we want, and more often than not, they don’t complete it the way we want to.

The Project Brief and Delegation Tool is designed to help you focus on the project outcome you’re looking for, so next time you delegate work, your team completes it exactly the way you wanted.

What’s inside:

  • Tips and best practices for preparing a project brief
  • 13 Question exercise to help you delegate more effectively

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