Out with the cubes, in with the 'Coffice'

“Coffice” – coffee shops for working – may be the future of the workplace.

working in a coffee shopMore and more employees are starting to work remotely – and in some cases, working in completely different states. But instead of working from home, they are packing up their lap tops and cell phones and heading to the nearest “coffice.”

The Coffice is growing among freelancers.

Freelancers are also working 9-5 at coffee shops, avoiding the overhead of renting an office. Plus, those mocha lattes, frappuccinos and cups o’ joe are tax deductible, which is an advantage if they don’t have a home office they can deduct on their taxes. Brooklyn Based even ranked the best coffices in the city – ranking them on vibe, layout/aesthetic, wifi, outlets and coffee.

Another option for freelancers is the growing business of shared workspaces. Brooklyn Based did a little article on them here.

Telecommuting: the future of the workplace?

A friend of mine proposed the idea of working remotely to her employer. She asked her boss if he would give her two months to try it out and see if it would work, so he let her. While he was hesitant and unsure at first, his decision to let her work remotely ended up transforming the company and today other employees are working remotely. She’s been telecommuting for more than 10 years now.

She currently lives in Austin, TX while her company is based in NJ. One other perk – she doesn’t have to pay income tax since she lives in Texas. The employer perk – the company saves money on many fixed costs – office space, equipment, utilities and more by keeping the number of employees that work in the office down.

Not all jobs allow you to work from home.

If your job needs constant face-to-face meetings, and if you work with certain items/technology that you can only access from the office, working from home is probably not a good idea. Not all employees can work unsupervised. Let’s face it, some employees can’t work efficiently unless they’re supervised or they’ll spend more time on facebook and playing video games than actually getting work done. It takes a certain amount of discipline and integrity to be able to do it. Visualize.ly posted a fun infographic to help you assess your employee’s ability to work from home.



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