Movers and Head Shakers: A Study on Business Owners of Growing & Struggling Companies

The business environment has been difficult over the last three years. business owner studyWe’ve heard business owners tell us that “flat is the new up.” But a fair number of businesses have bucked the trend and found a way to show growth in sales and profits throughout that period.

What is the difference between a Mover (owner of a growing business) and a Head Shaker (owner of a stagnant business)? We set out to find the answer.

Download the research report to evaluate your actions and how you run your business. Are you a Mover or a Head Shaker? 

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  1. It doesn’t matter what kind of economy you’re living through, if you have a top idea which fills a gap in the market and you believe in it 100% and are prepared to do the hard yards to make it succeed, then it is going to succeed. The head shakers find life a bit too hard whereas the movers find life exciting and easy. It’s all in your perceptions of life.

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