Member Spotlight: Terry Green of BizEase Support Solutions

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Each month we have a thing we call “Member Spotlight” where we feature a different member in our EnMast community. Here’s this month’s!

We’re super excited to introduce you to EnMast Community Member, Terry Green. (@TerryGreen3309). Terry is the President of BizEase Support Solutions, a multi-VA company that provides technology and administrative support to business to business coaches and speakers all over the world.

terry greenName/Company Name:

BizEase Support Solutions (a division of Fastype VA Services, Inc.)

What title did you give yourself (i.e. owner, president, CEO, founder)? Why did you choose that title?

When I first started my business I called myself owner/operator, more for lack of a better title than anything else. I decided to take on the title of President after we incorporated, and I’ve kept it because it’s my main role in the business now. When I first started my business, I did it all. Now that I have a team, I’ve been able to take a big step back from the majority of the client work, and now concentrate more on running and growing my business.

How many people do you have on your team?

Right now we have 18 fabulously wonderful online support specialists on the team. Each one of them is a specialist in their own right, based on their specific areas of expertise. They truly are the backbone of BizEase Support Solutions!

Best part(s) of being a business owner:

Ah … the best part of being a business owner is of course, the flexibility. The flexibility to choose who I work with (both as clients and team members), the flexibility to work when I want, where I want, and how I want. Not only am I blessed to have some of the best clients and team members I could ever hope to work with, but I also have the flexibility to choose when I work. As I get older, the ability to spend time with family and friends is more and more important, so being able structure my time so I can take off when I want is a huge benefit.

Most challenging part(s) of being a business owner:

I guess the most challenging part for me is balance. With the flexibility I have to determine when and how I work, comes the need to balance that time so I don’t go overboard in either direction. The difficulty for me is not in determining when I can take a vacation or knowing whether I should take a day off or spend the day working, it’s the “after” hours, at the end of the day when I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop working away. It doesn’t help that my husband works in the business with me, and his laptop is also glued to his thighs … but then again, maybe that’s my balance 😉

One thing you wish someone told you before you started your own business:

That I would love it so much, and that I’d be so good at it! I know that may sound cocky, but it’s true. I love, love, love what I do, and I am so much better at running my own business than I ever was working for someone else. Don’t get me wrong … I was a great secretary/executive assistant, but I didn’t have the same commitment and drive I do now. NOW, instead of simply doing the bidding of someone just trying to climb their own corporate ladder, I have the opportunity to impact the businesses of the clients I work with in a positive way, on a daily basis. I must say being in business for myself rocks!

Your business outlook for 2013:

I think BizEase Support Solutions is in a really good place for 2013. We had a huge year of growth last year, so we’re not looking to make a lot of changes with anything right now. This year, we’re just concentrating on doing what we do best so we can continue to serve our clients in a manner that allows them to do what they do best. Of course, we’re always looking for new team members to add new services or to increase our capacity in some of our more popular services … but for now, we’re just sailing along, enjoying the ride!

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