Member Spotlight: Mana Ionescu of Lightspan Digital

manam_1_smMeet Mana Ionescu (@manamica) of Lightspan Digital, a Chicago digital marketing company. Mana was kind enough to let us into her world this month and tell us about her experience as a business owner. Here’s what she had to say:

What title did you give yourself (i.e. Owner, president, CEO, founder)? Why did you choose that title? President. I can’t quite remember why. I believe an early business card said “digital marketing strategist.” After I started filling in all sorts of paperwork, from bank papers, to WBE applications, all of which asked for my role, I decided to pick the one of President. I think that’s one of those decisions not worth overthinking.

How many people do you have on your team? 9

Best part(s) of being a business owner: I get to choose how close my office is to my place. Not having to commute is the biggest productivity advantage I could ever ask for.

Most challenging part(s) of being a business owner: For me the biggest challenge is how we communicate. Too much email that says too little or that requires too much to be done or said via email. I have so many meetings and email that I can’t get to my voicemail. There’s a cascading effect of bad communication. There is one communication method that I wish people used more for business – Instant Messenger.

One thing you wish someone told you before you started your own business: I think there is plenty of advice and support for new businesses. People told me so many things about what to do and not do, that I remember feeling panicked. What I wish I knew was how to accept more of the support yet take it all in stride.

Your business outlook for 2013: Clear skies but lots of wind. Which should be a good forecast for sailing strongly forward. We just need to watch the compass and stay the course. In our case, we need to stay true to our values – true and honest, always learn and seek to always teach. There is too much bad marketing advice out there. We hope to promote testing and learning, rather than speculating.

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